OCTOBER 3, 2015
Opens January 12th
Santa Rosa California



New Panzer Route (SOLD OUT)

116 miles long and 10,500 feet hard.



Earn Your Adventure

2015 marks the debut of our new Panzer route, a 13 mile-long extension to our famed 103-mile Gran route. Scale an additional 1,560 vertical feet as you penetrate deeper into the heart of the Sonoma County outback than any GranFondo rider has ever gone before. All Panzer riders will get their own hand-baked panzerotti pastry and espresso hand-ups at this route’s sole rest stop.

Must Qualify
Only 250 Entries Available
116-(Coleman) and 113-(Willow Creek)Mile Options
Strict 11:30AM Cut-Off At King Ridge Rest Stop

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The Best

The Best Day Out on Two Wheels


Your New Favorite Ride

Tens of thousands of cyclists from nearly every corner of the world tout Levi’s GranFondo as simply the best bike ride on the continent. Dozens of media outlets agree, from Outside to Bicycling to Road Bike Action and beyond. See what they all found here in Sonoma County, where every year, we show the rest of the planet that there is nothing like riding a bike in our incredible backyard.

With 128 miles of potential routes over ten distinct course options, we’ve got rides that’ll fill the dreams of any cyclist, year after year after year. We’re far more than our namesake climb, but don’t take our word for it.

The Rides
Charity To Date

Building Community

Nearly $1.2 million raised

Levi’s GranFondo has given nearly $1,200,000 to charities throughout its short history as of 2014. This year, that number will grow. From the Forget Me Not Farm for at-risk kids to local volunteer fire departments, from nation-wide cancer charities to our own suite of cycling projects, we’ve cast a wide net of giving. Become a part of what makes this event so important to our GranFondo community and the charitable organizations that you all support. Click here to learn more about all our charities.

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Giving to Date


Festa del Fondo


Mark your calendars now. Tickets will go on sale this summer.

We’ll host information here about purchasing tickets for the 2015 Festa del Fondo fundraising dinner. This incredible night is a regular fixture of the GranFondo experience, taking place on the Thursday prior to the start of the Levi’s GranFondo. We’ve lined this night with auction items and charitable opportunities interspersed between the greatest food and wine our area can produce. This exclusive night is your chance to take part in the best of the GranFondo outside of the saddle and we can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.


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Our Volunteer Corps

Become part of the army that produces one of the largest cycling events in North America. By joining the GranFondo’s Volunteer Corps, you become one of nearly 1,000 person-strong team who annually come together to give people from all over the world their best day in the saddle. The continent’s premier bike ride doesn’t happen by accident or coincidence. It’s the product of tens of thousands of hours of blood, sweat, and tears (mostly sweat, we promise) from the hearts and souls of passionate people who know what Levi’s GranFondo means to the communities and charities it supports.

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