Overheard at Milan-San Remo and translated from the original Italian: “Of course I didn’t let him buy me a drink. Did you see how wide his lapels were? And those pleated slacks? Horrible.”

A lot of people thumb their nose at fashion. These folks like to think that they’re above evaluating people based on appearance and caring about something as silly as clothes. Usually people who do this are wearing stained sweatpants as they scratch at an unspecified rash creeping across their stomach. Our point? There’s nothing wrong with coming off sharp. And on October 1, 2011, you’ll want to be the envy of every rider on earth. We can help.

We’ve rolled out a whole new kit this year: jersey, shorts, arm warmers, socks, caps, and helmets. Designed by our in-house style consultant, Odessa Gunn, and manufactured for us by Capo (with helmets by Giro), this is your chance to leave sartorial apathy behind and get in the looking good game. Drape yourself in these lovely bits and feel certain that discerning, smoking hot Italian fashion-o-philes will never speak ill of you as they watch you pedal your sweet little heart out.

The jersey and shorts have been up on our site for a while now and, rest assured, all the other apparel items will match swimmingly. We’ve got bundled pricing for folks wanting to get the whole kit (or most of it) as well as individual prices. By pre-ordering now, you’re assured to not only get your kit early, but to have your size guaranteed. Everyone who waits until event day will have to deal with stock on hand and, if the last two years are any measure, we will run out.

Another thing: Capo jerseys are Euro sized, which means your normal “medium” could be a Euro “XL.” Check the Capo sizing chart for measurements as they do run small on everyone. Failure to do this means you’ve got to exchange it with us, causing delays and taking the chance on us running out of your desired size. Measure, people. It’s an investment in your own happiness.

Last day to pre-order is April 15th! After that, we’re making our apparel order and it’s in Italy’s hands! You can still order goods after that, but you’ll have missed the guaranteed size/quantity train, just as if you were buying these at the merchandise table on event day.

Here’s to our lovely clothes matching your flawless lines. Or at least covering up (and holding in) all that stuff you don’t want people to see.