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Truth is, Levi’s oatmeal is exactly the same. Every single day. So I decided to take it upon myself to pitch him some new breakfast. I’ve got a family of four to experiment on every day, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Some of these ideas I’ve come up with on my own. Others are borrowed, and of course, references and credit are given when due.

Does Levi like it? Find out next week.

Author: Carlos Perez

Howdy intrepid riders of the 2015 Levi’s GranFondo,

Jonathan and John here,  honchos of the GranFondo’s on-bike Marshal program. If you’ve ridden with us, you’ve no doubt noticed the 150 or so riders in bright garb riding alongside you during the event. We’re the local folks who’ve got a vested, hometown interest in seeing Levi’s GranFondo stay safe, fun, and well-executed. We’re a big part of the eyes and ears of the GranFondo team on course and we’re here to help make sure riders can concentrate on riding instead of worrying about any number of things other events would leave to chance. We figured it was time to introduce ourselves, clarify our role, and, where we can, give you all some idea of what to expect on October 3, 2015.

Our first responsibility, just like the GranFondo, is to rider safety. We’re a critical part of that safety team, in that we’re there to offer support and encouragement, advice, and yes, sometimes pointed orders. We know these roads, we know their hazards and obstacles, and, most importantly, we’re very aware of the behaviors and tendencies of individual riders in large groups.

We are often the first on-scene at incidents and sometimes the last to leave after a rider is treated. We report back to the event organizers and responders with information about what we see and any intel we find along the way. Oftentimes, the information we carry back to HQ prevents these incidents long before they happen.

While this may make us sound like overstuffed hall monitors, it’s important to remember that we’re here to serve you, the rider. We’re part of the team that’s making sure you not only have the best day out on two wheels, but also the safest day out. Just like you, we get excited about the GranFondo every year and we love being a part of the good it promotes in our community and for cycling at large.

Expect to see more from us in the coming months. We’re looking forward to arming you with enough information that you’ll be riding like a local come October.

Jonathan and John
Levi’s Granfondo Marshals

Jonathan Lee, Marshal Program Manager
Jonathan Lee
John Prouty, Marshal Program Manager
John Prouty

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