Welcome to Fat Cyclist‘s Fundraising Page

So here’s what I’m thinking we do. Donate multiples of $5 here, with each $5 getting you a chance at the prize. The more you donate, the better your chance at winning.

The winner of this contest will be flown to Oakland or San Francisco, California, where you’ll be driven to Santa Rosa. We’ll hang out. Then you, me, and Levi will load up into an RV, and we’ll go road-tripping to Boggs.

You’ll be entered in all three events, though the only one I care about is that you will race with Levi and me in the eight-hour event.

And here’s the cool thing: I guarantee that we will win our category…because we will be racing in our own category.

That’s right. I’m guaranteeing you a podium spot in an eight-hour relay race. No matter how fast you are. Or how slow. Honestly, neither Levi nor I really care. We’re just looking forward to having fun.

Let’s Get Specific

Here’s what the prize of the “Race with Levi and Fatty” contest looks like:

  • Round-trip travel for one to and from SFO or OAK from any destination in the contiguous 48 states
  • Transfers to and from SFO or OAK to Santa Rosa lodging
  • RV rental, camp fees, and gas from Friday, May 1 to Sunday May 3
  • Race entry to all three events (Hill Climb, 8-Hour Race, Super D)
  • 8-Hour event on a team with Levi and Fatty
  • Groceries at Boggs (3 days food and drink)
  • Event t-shirt
  • Medal, poster, rider meal
  • Big delicious beers
  • Bike Rental
  • Pie — lots and lots of pie

Seriously, this might be the coolest — and is certainly the most unique — prize I have ever put together.

But What If You Don’t Mountain Bike AT ALL?

Like I said, neither Levi nor I are really out for blood (though I reserve the right to change my attitude when the heat of the battle is upon me) in this race. We don’t care if you’re a near-pro or a novice. We’re here for the fun of it.

But if you just don’t want to do an MTB event at all, you should still enter this contest. Because you can swap this prize out for a 2015 trip to Levi’s GranFondo, instead, with equivalent level of luxury. Like, they’ll fly you out, put you up in a hotel, set you up with the whole VIP experience.

So, roadies, you have no excuse. Whatever way you go, we’ve got you covered.

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