Refunds & Tranfers

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No Refunds or Deferrals

Unfortunately, the GranFondo cannot offer refunds or deferrals to following years for those unable to attend the event. We do however, allow transfers between two parties for a fee, starting in mid-summer and ending approximately one week prior to the GranFondo.

Transfer Dates, Deadlines, and Rules

Online registration transfers are $25 ($15 for Piccolo and $5 for the Family Route) until Sept 25th, midnight.  We cannot accommodate any online transfers the week prior to the event as we’ll be finalizing registration, assigning numbers, and stuffing packets in advance of the big event.  Onsite transfers will be at the Finley Community Center this Friday only, September 30, between 11am and 10pm. ABSOLUTELY NO onsite transfers on Saturday morning.  Read the below information regarding the information you will need to have with you.  No onsite Panzers transfers either day.

Onsite transfer fee $50.

No transfer can exceed the original cost of the ride purchased, i.e. no Medio route can be sold from one participant to another for a Gran route. Any transfer exceeding the amount for the route in question will not be honored. Transfers only apply to your ride. That means that merchandise you may have purchased does not transfer.  We do not handle any money transfer of the original entry fee. That is up to the two individuals to work out. Many choose to use services such as PayPal to do this.

Anyone looking to secure a transfer can do so through a variety of means, the most promising being our Facebook page. Hundreds of people have secured transfers there happily and painlessly.

TRANSFERS: Transfers take place when a person who was not registered acquires the spot of someone who is registered. The person buying the spot must be the one filling out the transfer form.  To complete the transfer form you will need the following:

  • Original rider’s name
  • Original rider’s email address
  • Original rider’s 9-digit registration ID (see rider’s email confirmation).  If you need this information sent to you again, please contact

PANZER TRANSFERS: Panzer transfers can only be transferred to someone who qualifies for the Panzer route.  To qualify for the Panzer route, the individual must have completed a previous year’s Levi’s GranFondo route in under 7.5 hrs.  This is elapsed time, not pedaling.  You must be able to provide a link to either the posted results to your qualifying time, or a Strava link of that ride.  Email your qualifying time/proof to  Once it has been determined that you qualify, you will be given an access code in which to complete the transfer from.

SWAPS: A swap is when two people are already registered for different routes and want to switch with each other. Either party may fill out the form, but generally it is the person who is upgrading that would fill out the form and pay the fee.

To complete the Swap form you will need the following:

  • Both riders’ names
  • Both riders’ email addresses
  • Both riders’ original rider’s 9-digit registration ID (see rider’s email confirmation).  If you need this information sent to you again, please contact

DOWNGRADING:  You can always ride a shorter route than the one for which you are registered.  If you know that you are going to ride a shorter route ahead of time and would like us to officially move you to that route, then email  Email us with your full name and the 9 digit Registration ID from your registration confirmation along with the route you would like to ride and we will be happy to change it for you.

SELF-UPGRADING:  There is no “self-upgrading” your existing registration to a longer route (Piccolo to Medio, Medio to Gran, etc.) If the route is sold out already, see TRANSFERS or SWAPS above.  If the route is not sold out, contact

RE-TRANSFERRING: Got lucky and found a transfer, then your husband told you you had a wedding to attend that day? Follow the same transfer procedure as normal but use the Registration ID and information of the person who currently has the entry.  DO NOT enter the person’s information who had it originally.