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Many of the roads are challenging and technical, especially after passing through the town of Occidental. Be extremely careful riding your bicycle. There are places along all of the available routes where people have injured themselves very badly because they have gone into a turn too fast or had a lapse in their attention. If you do not slow yourself soon enough before turns, you could find yourself descending some sections of road well beyond the speed limit. This is not safe. The turns on these roads are very sharp, very sudden, and occasionally have a decreasing radius (that means they get steeper and harder as you enter them). They are also rugged, with potholes and cattle guards that you will have to navigate. Do not underestimate how difficult this ride will be, both in terms of the fitness it will require and the bike handling ability it demands of you.

The Gran route is not recommended for inexperienced riders. We don’t suggest this as your first century. Hoo boy.


Yes, you need both of these in order to participate in Levi’s GranFondo. Neither are optional. Sorry. Both should be in reliable working order so that you don’t pose a danger to yourself or others when you drop a chain, blow a rim, or even eject a water bottle from a too-loose cage.


Many of the roads you will ride are very narrow, with no center line. They will be shared with vehicular traffic. Please ride to the right when in narrow sections of road. While CHP, medical, and official support vehicles will be along for the ride and working at intersections, many of the GranFondo roads are not closed and there will be occasional non-event vehicles traveling with and against you. While traffic on these roads is minimal, it is still there. It only takes one.

Additionally, riding in the middle of the road absent motor vehicle traffic can still cause unsafe conditions for other, faster riders. Regardless of how fast you think you’re going, someone is pretty much always coming up behind you. Get over to the right as far as safety allows and let the faster flow pass you by. It’s better for them and it’s better for you.


We are conducting this event on some of the most remote roads in our county. Nevertheless, these roads pass through working landscapes and those who use these roads require your respect and courtesy. Residents along these routes are made aware of the event, but this many cyclists using these roads at one time is an anomaly. Please be courteous to drivers and let them pass by moving to the right whenever it is reasonably safe to do so.


If you are seen throwing garbage or trash, gel packs, inner tubes, or any other disposable items onto the ground, you will be fined for littering. In California, this fine for littering is as much as $2,000 per occurrence. We will not be cleaning up after you.


We will enforce all of these rules in order to ensure rider safety. There’s always a few people in any large group of cyclists who, for one reason or another, disobey the rules of the road. In a ride this big and challenging, there can be serious consequences to this sort of recklessness; some could even be fatal. On-bicycle event marshals, motorcycles, and SAG staff will be riding with you to offer the best and safest experience possible. They will also ensure that all of these rules are being followed. If these rules are broken, you will be disqualified and not permitted to return next year.


If, at any time, you treat others with disrespect, including staff, fellow riders, course marshals, motorcycle drivers, sag, tech support, or anyone else, you will be disqualified and not permitted to return next year.


Levi’s GranFondo is said to be one of the most enjoyable cycling events in the United States. We are very proud of this, and want you to leave as ecstatic about the event as we are to produce it. If you follow these rules, keep your head up, and treat others like you’d like to treated, you will leave with one very memorable experience.