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Feb 8, 2017

Latest Wallpaper: Pacific Coast Highway

This is undeniably one of the best spots for birds to watch the action on the Pacific Coast Highway along the Gran+ routes of Levi's GranFondo. We've seen a few photographers over the years scramble up this hillside as well, as evidence by this birds-eye view looking south. Photo: Darrell Parks, 2013.

Jan 20, 2017

Monthly Wallpaper: February 2017

Here's a throwback to 2009 when everything we did was brand new. Riders sail through a trough in the road at the spine of King Ridge. This is around mile 45 of the Gran route. Photo: Carson Blume

Dec 28, 2016

Monthly Wallpaper: January 2017

Here’s a shot in the arm from the Meyers Grade descent above the Pacific Ocean just north of Jenner, CA. It's at mile 45 on the Gran/Fort Ross route, mile 60 on the traditional Gran and mile 75 if you're doing il Regno.