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Presence, it's such a simple concept, yet so difficult to master. Most of us live a good portion of our lives thinking about the past or the future. That's been especially true these last couple of years. When the present moment is clouded by challenging circumstances, it can be difficult to separate ourselves from our thoughts and emotions.

However, there are times when we don't have a choice but to be completely aware and conscious. For me, this is one of the essences of the GranFondo, where we get to push ourselves and experience the thrill of riding with thousands of others in some of the best cycling country in the world. Our worries disappear and we get to be present, pushing on the pedals one at a time, arcing through the turns, and ticking off each mile until the finish. It allows us to witness what our minds and bodies are experiencing.

You can't hide from yourself in a ride like this. You have to be aware of yourself, your physical and mental state. I think that's what's so special for me about this event. It's an opportunity for me to share what cycling gave to me with my friends, and with people I've never even met, all at once, together.

For me there's something spiritual about the rebirth of our ride, and I hope there is for you too. It's something that inspires mindfulness and positivity for a lot of people, and it goes without saying we could use that now more than ever.

It's finally time, and I can't wait to experience the gift of living in the moment with all of you this Saturday on our bikes through what I consider to be one of the most beautiful places on earth! I'm really looking forward to riding with you.


Levi Leipheimer

3x AMGEN Tour of California Winner

Ride Patron

Welcome to our long-awaited 12th edition of America's Premier gran fondo.

In 2020 when the world came to a halt, there was a mix of fear and optimism as to whether we'd be able to pull it off again. Levi's GranFondo is one of the most complex productions in the amateur cycling world. Its intricate mechanics exists at the behest of hundreds of volunteers and staff, motivated by a simple idea: the best day on two wheels.

As I write, there are dozens of people at our headquarters and in the field, many of them volunteers, sorting shirts, filling swag bags, placing labels, loading trailers, gathering supplies, and preparing for an annual pilgrimage that was almost permanently interrupted.

When we postponed our ride as a result of the pandemic, we asked for your support by allowing us to retain your entry so that we could ride again. It was because of your generosity that we are here today, ready for the start of the 2022 edition of Levi's GranFondo.

Levi Leipheimer has left his impression on the fabric of professional road racing history. But nowhere is that more evident than by the thousands who will gather on Saturday. We are grateful for the opportunity it gave us to grow and challenge ourselves, and to discover like-minded individuals who became the team that does this Herculean job. We're grateful for the opportunity to create something that not only brings joy to thousands of people all at once, but for the opportunity to channel it for good.

Since its inception, Levi's GranFondo has helped our non-profit King Ridge Foundation raise more than $3million in support of at-risk youth. Many of you have given in one form or another, and for that we are beyond grateful. That effort continues; if you haven't done so, please consider giving or starting a fundraising campaign. What we do that matters most isn't the ride itself, but its consequences.

On Saturday, you get to experience it again, or for the first time. Thousands will gather under our banner, and countless others will be there to support your journey in the form of staff, partners, volunteers, and of course your friends and family. Whereas the introductory Piccolo ride sets its foot in the shadow of this towering beast, the Growler is arguably the most challenging endeavor you could undertake. We trust you chose wisely.

Saturday will be 13 years in the making, on the anniversary of the day its very idea was conceived. Now it's real. Welcome. This is Levi's GranFondo.

Your Event Director,
Carlos Perez
Founder and Chief
Bike Monkey


Town GreenParkingPacket Pickup

The Windsor Town Green

The Windsor Town Green, nestled smack dab in the middle of the quaint town of Windsor, California, is the perfect setting for the start and finish of Levi's GranFondo. It affords many improvements over previous editions of our ride, and lies between dozens of restaurants and small businesses that are a treat to visit.

Packet Pickup, Friday Expo, Ride Start & Finish and Post-Ride Festival all take place right here at the Windsor Town Green.

Click for Directions


There are no showers at the start/finish or anywhere near the Town Green.

There will be a potable water access (if you forgot to fill up your bottles) on Market Street near the FINISH LINE (see map below).

Our friends at Avid will be offering complimentary hot coffee at the start line on McClelland Avenue Saturday morning, but there will be no breakfast items; please plan accordingly.

There will be portable toilets on the north west side of the Town Green (by the Huerta Gymnasium) and a few units at the intersection of McClelland Ave. & Market St.


The one first logistical maneuver you must make is in knowing where to park on Friday and Saturday morning. For more detailed parking info, please visit our parking info page.


DO NOT PARK IN THE OLIVER'S MARKET PARKING LOT. Event parking is prohibited at the nearby Oliver's Market lot. Please do not take parking space from the businesses that need them for daily shoppers.



Windsor High School
Cost: $10 or $20 (VIP).
Parking at Windsor High supports their student-athletes. Ride your bike or walk 0.6 miles to the Town Green. It will fill at 375 parking spots.

Keiser Park
Self-serve. 160 spaces.
0.6 Miles to the Town Green.

Windsor Middle School
Self-serve. 110 spaces.
1.4 Miles to the Town Green.

For more parking options, please see our parking info page.


Sometimes called "Rider check-in", Packet Pickup is the moment you make first contact with us. All riders must check in prior to the start of Levi's GranFondo. Please bring proof of identification. You must do this in person. No one else can do it for you. No exceptions! Minors will need a signature from a legal guardian.

If you did not already register for the ride, you will be able to register on-site, but it will be online, so bring your phone with you.

If you register after 12:00pm noon on Wednesday 4/19, your packet will be in the "Same Day" line.

Location: inside the Huerta Gymnasium
(just yards north of the Town Green)


Hours: noon - 8:00pm

During Packet Pickup, you will sign our liability waiver, pick up your ride packet with your bike and body plates, and have your questions answered. If you're over 21, don't forget to grab your Barrel Brothers LGF custom beer can too!

Your swag bag (with more swag in it!) will be in the Merchandise Tent, on the Town Green lawn, along with your t-shirt and/or your pre-ordered kit, if you purchased them with your entry.


Hours: 6:15am - 7:45am

Arriving last-minute? No problem. We offer Saturday morning Packet Pickup between the hours of 6:15am - 7:45am. Remember where you can and cannot park!

You will not be able to pick up your packet after the ride starts at 8:00am.




You will find 3 numbers in your packet: one body plate, one bike plate and one seat post tag. Make sure all the numbers match (in the images below, all the numbers are 1,100). Please wear your numbers so we can keep track of you on the course and know when you have crossed the finish line.

Body Plate

Your body plate goes in the back of your jersey. 4 safety pins are included in your packet. Ask a friend to put it on for you! At the bottom of your body plate, you will find your meal ticket and drink ticket; don't lose them! Detach them after the ride and go redeem them at the food vendors and the beer booth!

Bike Plate

Your bike plate goes on your handle bar. 3 zip ties are included in your packet. There is one timing chip on your bike plate; make sure to keep it as flat as possible, otherwise it may not read and your time won't be recorded.

Seat Post Tag

Your seat post tag goes on your seat post (tube). 2 zip ties are included in your packet. There is one backup timing chip on your seat post tag; make sure to keep it as flat as possible (DON'T wrap it around your tube) otherwise it may not read and your time won't be recorded.

Schedule of Events

April 11
April 12
Want to join? Learn more.
Exclusive Event.
Expo Hours
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Packet Pickup
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
April 13
Packet Pickup
6:15 am - 7:45 am
Rider Staging opens
7:00 am
Important Announcements
7:30 am
8:00 am
11:00 am
Live Music, Food, Beer
Set #1: Mr. December
Set #2: Birches Bend
Until 6:00 pm
1:15-2:30 pm
2:45 pm-4:00 pm

4:00 pm

6:00 pm
April 14
Cool down ride with Levi Leipheimer in Santa Rosa!
10:00 am ROLL!
Join Levi Leipheimer at NorCal Bike Sport in Santa Rosa for a post-fondo recovery ride to Sebastopol and back. Click here for more info. Participants will be joining a Specialized Bicycle Components organized ride and must sign a waiver before joining. The ride leaves at 10:00 am sharp, so make sure to arrive early, giving you time to get situated and join the group.


Hands-on games and art!

A new and innovative kids area, led by the Stoke Captain himself!

Saturday 11 am-5:30 pm on the Town Green

Mega Cardboard Bike Build/Decorate!

Come help us build the "Biggest Bike' in Windsor. We will have giant paper and tons of colored pens and paint. It may be a world record.

“Rim Shot” Recycled Target Range.

Do you have a target made from a PIANO, why yes we do. Do you have a target made from CAR PARTS? Yes we do.

Fire rockets, Sock balls, Frisbees, (your big brother) all through hoops balanced high in the air. It is just mildly dangerous.

Hooked Tire Toss.

Have you played that back yard game Corn Whole? This is much much better. Chuck all kinds of tires, big, small, really big at our custom bullhorn bike handle bar target. Stay Stoked!

Make Your Own:

Stoke Shaker, Rattlers and Rumblers.

Meet the Stoke Captain!

Arann Harris

Born in Oakland, California, Arann was raised on a steady diet of backyard chickens and rabbits with plenty of Run DMC, Too Short and The Beastie Boys. A country boy a heart, his exuberance, and permanent "outside voice" is not suited for the indoor life of city- living. Arann found the open space of country life perfect for his large frame and big energy.  Arann traveled the world farming, rafting, skiing, biking and teaching only to settle in his father's home town of rural Petaluma. He settled on his family farm where he raised sheep for wool to sell at local farmer’s markets, spending most of his nights in a converted barn, playing guitar and writing music. Arann’s distinctive voice comes from playing at countless campfires, hole-in-the-wall bars and coffee houses around the country. The themes of Arann’s lyrics could read like a journal of his travels: farming, animals, food, friends.


The routes | Course SignageFinishing & Time Cuts

The Routes

For 2023, we're introducing a sixth route, the Piccolino: a 22 mile route option with a mere 950' of elevation gain. Easy peasy!  We've also moved the Cloverdale aid station to a new location that helps us achieve two things that needed fixing: we have eliminated the "out-and-back" nature of the Medio and Gran routes, and the new site is larger and with better access, allowing us to spread out and serve a large volume of people far easier than before.

For route narratives and maps, please see our routes page.

Our route passes through a crucial landholding that links our return route from King Ridge. It is along Tin Barn road just before reaching the formidable Skaggs Springs Road. Stewarts Point Rancheria belongs to the community of the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians. It is with their permission that we pass through their land, and we are grateful for the opportunity to do so. As this hamlet drapes across both sides of Tin Barn Road, there are often children playing nearby who may wander into or across the road. We ask that when reaching this area of the ride after passing King Ridge aid station you slow your speed in this area at mile 51 of your ride.

If you are planning on registering for the Gran or Growler route, note that you will need to complete the online petition before Sunday, April 16th, to get your unlock code. After that deadline, the longest route you will be able to register for will be The Geysers.

Click on the link below for a thorough narrative by route.

Course Signage

Make sure to follow the arrows corresponding to your route selection. If you ride a different route than the one you were signed up for, you must let us know at the finish line so that we can account for your time accurately, and make adjustments. If you get into it, and find that you're not having your best day, you can opt to take a shorter route. Just don't try and upgrade for a longer one. We put a great deal of effort into deploying the right resources on-course for the expected number of participants along each route, and upgrading mid-ride causes challenges for everyone involved in offering the best support possible.

Your number plate design will match the color of the route signs you are designated to ride:

With the above "Geysers" plate, you would follow the yellow arrows with three diamonds:

Finishing & Time Cuts

Regardless of which route you participate in, you will receive a finish time. However, where that finish time is captured differs.

For all Piccolino, Piccolo, Medio and Gran riders, your finish time will be captured at the Windsor Town Green as you pass beneath the finish banner.

For anyone riding the Growler or The Geysers routes, your finish time is captured at the top of Geysers Road, making for our unique summit finish. After passing the finish flags on either side of the road, you will be able to recover at the Mercuryville rest stop before making your way (un-timed) back to the Festival in Windsor.

Time Cuts:

There are two time cuts...

The first time cut is for everyone. Regardless of which route you are riding, if you have not completed the course within 10 hours (6:00pm), you will no longer receive on-course neutral support from rest stops or SAG drivers, and will be on your own.

The second time cut is for anyone attempting The Geysers or the Growler routes, and it takes place at 3:00pm at the rest stop in Cloverdale. If you have not reached this rest stop within 7 hours from the start of the ride, you will be turned around to follow signage back to Windsor, having to skip climbing Geysers Road.


To qualify for the Gran or Growler routes in 2024 and beyond, you must qualify by reaching their timed finish lines in under 10 hours. The Gran's timed finish is in Windsor while the Growler's timed finish is just before the Mercuryville (Geysers) rest stop near the summit of the highest point of the day. If you do not qualify, you will not be permitted to register for either of these routes in 2024 without a petition to do so showing a more recent ride accomplishment that is on-par with The Geysers route or harder.

You may also qualify by reaching The Geysers' summit finish on the Geysers route in under 3 hours and 45 minutes.


Bag Drop & Bike Valet | Food Vendors Massage

Bag Drop & Bike Valet

BAG DROP: We will be offering free and secured Bag Drop on Saturday only, morning on the ride. There will be no Bag Drop on course (or at the rest stops). Bag Drop will be located INSIDE the Huerta Gymnasium (where you pick up your packet). If you would like to take advantage of the Bag Drop, please have your items in a closed bag, with your name on it. We will tag your bag with your bib number when you drop it off, but the more identification the better. We will only accept small items (backpack size at the most), so please plan accordingly. You will be able to pick up your bag at the same location, when you return from your ride. All bags must be picked up by 6:00pm on Saturday (4/22).

BIKE VALET: We will be offering free and secured Bike Valet on both Friday & Saturday, during Packet Pickup hours, and during Festival hours on Saturday. All bikes must be picked up by 6:00pm on Saturday (4/22). You will need your claim tag to pick your bike, so don't lose it!

Remember, there is no (car) parking on that side of the Windsor Town Green.

Food Vendors & Rider Meal

We will have four food vendors offering the rider meal, from 11:00am to 5:30pm. They will also be selling to the general public.

All vendors will have a vegetarian and vegan option as well (in limited quantities) and will be serving the rider meal until supplies last.

To redeem your meal ticket, detach it from your body plate (see below) and hand it to the food vendor. Your meal ticket covers the main dish, but no drinks or dessert. You are welcome to purchase these items on the side.

In addition to our amazing food trucks, our friends from Kona Ice will be offering flavored shaved ice, to keep you cool and refreshed after a long day on the bike.

Drink Ticket

On the other side of your detachable meal ticket is your drink ticket. Redeem it for a free beer at the Barrel Brothers' booth (you must be over 21 and show proof of age). Beer will be for sale all day during Festival hours so you're welcome to get a second round with your friends while enjoying the live music, while supporting at-risk youth!


The massage therapists from Tahoe Yoga & Wellness will offer Post Ride Massage during Festival hours (11:00am-6:00pm) on Saturday. Stop by their booth, no pre registration required. 15 min sessions $30. Scan Venmo QR code on site. Cash / CC also accepted.