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Referral ProgramS

Earn quarterly referral awards and give your friends a deal!

Each quarter, we reset our referral program giving you the chance to earn all kinds of cool stuff. The incentives for the current quarter will be described on this page.

We love when people refer others to our event. It helps us share the experience with new faces, make new friends and spread the fondo love. We value your efforts so much, it's worth giving you something in return. Our referral program in the past was very popular. Expanding on what we learned from you, we're now offering quarterly incentives to get your friends signed up to ride with you at America's Premier Gran Fondo. Click here to read the rules.

Ends Sunday September 29


Garda Bike Hotel

Every single person who refers at least one friend gets entered to win this amazing Garda Bike 7-Day Cycling trip to Europe package. One winner will be chosen at random from everyone who has referred at least one person with equal chances of winning regardless of how many you've referred.

Fondo Bucks

As always for every two people you refer you'll earn 20 Fondo Bucks that are good for anything in our online store or towards a future entry into the 2020 Levi's GranFondo for you or a friend. Fondo Bucks are only redeemable at our online store, not in-person or at the merchandise booth of the event.

Floyds of Leadville

Refer 2 or more people during this Summer program to the event and you'll earn a 1 lb bag of hydration fuel and 1lb of recovery mix that we'll have for you at the event on October 5th. Must be present to collect.

The Quarterly Sprint: VIP Festival Tent Access

Each quarter we introduce a sprint competition for those of you who are motivated to be the fastest referrers. This quarter, we're awarding VIP Tent Entry for the first 5 people to refer 5 or more friends! This offer only includes access to the post-ride VIP tent and does not include other VIP experiences or offers. READY? GO!

Complete this form and we'll e-mail you your referral code to be shared with your friends or anyone you want to refer to Levi's GranFondo. It's good for as many people as you can refer.

Thank you!
Your referral application has been received!

You don't need to fill this out again to participate in future referral quarters. But you'll want to check back here to see what incentives we're offering because they will change each quarter.

Make sure to share the details we have just emailed you with your friends. When they sign up using your referral code, you'll earn credit towards the incentives that correspond with the time that they signed up. Read the rules below for more information.
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Referral Program Rules

  • Referrals who registered prior to the start of this new quarterly program are not eligible to be counted toward these incentives.
  • Referrals have no cash redemption value except for your earned Fondo Bucks. They may only be applied to the incentive chart corresponding to the quarter in which they registered.
  • To be eligible for any quarterly referral program, those you refer must register by the referral end date.
  • Referrals are only applied to the referral quarter corresponding to the date your referral registered. In other words, you may not apply a late referral to a previous incentive chart.
  • Family Fondo registrations do not count towards your referral total. Your referrals must register for at least the Piccolo route.
  • Referral discounts cannot be combined with any other discount or ongoing promotion.
  • All referrals in excess of the quarterly cap roll into the next quarter of incentives so there's no reason to stop referring friends. They'll just carry over as credit for the next incentive round.
  • Fondo Bucks are cumulative across referral quarters until used.