40 mi
1598 ft

This year's Piccolo route is a true tour of Sonoma County's quintessential wine country.

The Piccolo route is a relatively easy 32 mile jount through picturesque wine country next to vineyards and gently rolling hills. As you make your way clockwise around this route, you will experience the beautiful countryside that's familiar to our region, but forego the more challenging climbs that are features of our bigger routes.

No formal aid station:
Because the Piccolo route is covers a casual 32 miles with less elevation than prior editions, there's no longer the need for a formal aid station on-course. With this in mind, please be prepared, and carry what you need for your ride. Most riders can complete this 32 mile route in between 2-3 hours or less. You'll make it back at the perfect time to enjoy all that we have to offer at our post-ride festival, including a hearty post-ride meal, beverage, vendor booths and entertainment.