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Save your 35% on 2022 before Tuesday!

You just finished the 2021 edition of Levi's GranFondo. Now you, and anyone you tell has a chance to register for 2022 at 35% off for the next three days! Just click this link and sign up before Monday night!


Go get your photo!

Swing by and see our photographer in the festival and get your photo taken to commemorate your ride today. Photos are completely free and you can come back as many times as you want! Remember you bib number. We'll use that to help you find your photos online later.

Did you take a photo today you'd like to share? Post it on social media, tag us @LevisGranFondo and use the hashtag #LEVISGRANFONDO.

Enjoy your meal and beverage.

The pull-tabs on your wearable bib number are good for a beverage and post-ride meal. Remember to have them in hand before you get in line for either.