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OCTOBER 5-7, 2018

Ride on Saturday
October 6th.


$.... Raised this year!

In with the new!

Introducing Sonoma VITA

Since the beginning, we've focused on building the best day on two wheels. But the core of that achievement isn't just Bike Monkey's ability as company. At the heart of it is our home town of Santa Rosa. Surrounded by natural beauty, we are a community stock full of artisan creators that have harnessed Sonoma County's landscape and climate, and turned it into what it is today--one of North America's premier travel destinations.

It's a community well deserved of the ultimate celebration--one that embraces and showcases the best of everything we have to offer--far beyond riding bikes on beautiful roads.

The happenstance of Levi's GranFondo coinciding with the anniversary of the Northern California Wildfires that ravaged our town is not lost on us. It has motivated us to dig deep and show the world who we really are.

SonomaVITA is our new odyssey.

In the coming days, this website and domain will be usurped by sonomavita.com, and Levi's GranFondo will become the main act, kicking off a weekend bigger than any of you are probably expecting.

We've often been told that the journeys we embark upon are impossible. For us, it means we're doing what's right--exploring what little uncharted territory is left--living life to its fullest, as anyone living in or visiting Santa Rosa should do.

Please join us between October 4th and 7th while we introduce our take on the best day in Sonoma County.

In with the new!

Introducing Sonoma VITA

Since the beginning, we've focused on building the best day out on two wheels. In the last nine years of producing Levi’s Gran Fondo, we feel that we’ve achieved that goal – each year better than the last. That’s due in no small part to our home town of Santa Rosa. Surrounded by natural beauty, we're fortunate to live in a community with many creative, hardworking folks dedicated and focused on perfecting their craft and poised to play host for visitors from around the world.

It's time for us to widen our arms a bit and make something that embraces not only the best riding in the world, but the best of everything we have to offer.

SonomaVITA is our new odyssey.

In the coming days, we’re launching sonomavita.com right in this space, and Levi's GranFondo’s going to be the main act, kicking off a weekend full of food, wine, beer, music, sport, and floor-to-ceiling fun for everyone.

We often get told our ambition may be too much. For us, that usually means we're doing it just right: riding big, loving hard, and living life to its fullest, as anyone in Santa Rosa, visitor or resident, should do.

Please join us October 4th through 7th, for the first ever SonomaVITA, our take on the best day in Sonoma County.

This should be on every cyclist bucket list. This event changed my life. Last year I was 300 pounds got disgusted and then bought a Roubaix SL4, signed up for the Piccolo and started training, When last years day was arriving I started having panic attacks as I am also a veteran with PTSD and decided to back out. At the last minute I got in my car, drove from Tahoe to Santa Rosa checked in and everyone was kind and supportive. Since then, I lost 100 pounds and rode the Medio. It was an incredible experience, making it to the coast and chewing up the road with fantastic vistas. Once again, thanks Levi and the rest of the crew, most importantly the volunteers who get this event going.
~Patrick Rulo, Participant
I have done quite some gran fondo's in my life, all of them in Europe including classics like the Nove Colli, the Marmotte, Amstel Gold Race etc. Levi's GranFondo is by far the best organised event with a great route and amazing finish street. This is a must-do for every cyclist!
~Ward Grootjans, Participant
With many European and American gran fondo's and Sportifs this one is by far the best so far in the US. Great route, support, views and vibe.
~Stephen Marquette, Participant
It was an amazing experience. All the riders and the other supporting people (police, helpers, people at the roadside) brought a great atmosphere which I felt all along the ride. Excellent organization made me feel safe and well supported in any moment. Thanks and see you next year!
~Gernart Brandl, Participant
I'm amazed at the community of this event. Firefighters, Ambulances, Sheriff's, CHPs, and all the volunteers. It's takes a village..this event is the best example of this idea I've ever seen. Period.
~Richard Colorado, Participant
Simply awesome day on the bike. The Panzer course has Alpine style climbing and descents, beautiful redwood forests, spectacular ocean views, and just a few hills . . . Plus the best organized and marshaled ride I have been on. Outstanding 2016! See you next year.
~Steve Magee, Participant

Rider Guide

Sep 3, 2017
Carlos Perez

We've just released our official rider guide--all you need to know to be prepared for the epic start of Levi's GranFondo on September 30th. Check it out and be sure to click through to visit our sponsors while you're at it! Learn about rider safety, scoring, packet pickup, staging and even a little bit about the costs associated with our giant event.


We don't skimp. What you get with your entry into Levi's GranFondo is promised to be a truly unforgettable experience spread over multiple days. There are lots of things to do in Sonoma County, and with Santa Rosa at its epicenter, you'll have access to all of it.


Come visit one of the most amazing cycling regions in the United States. Santa Rosa, uniquely situated in the heart of Sonoma County is the gateway to the best riding you'll ever do.

Vendor Expo

Friday, October 5, 2018

On the eve of the big ride downtown Santa Rosa we host a giant vendor expo during packet-pickup. Flush with sponsor booths, food and beer, it's great fun for the whole family.

Eleven Route Choices

There are 11, yes ELEVEN route options, and to-date not a single rider has done them all at Levi's GranFondo. We provide you with options ranging from a short 8.5 mile flat segment for kids and families of all ages to il Regno -- a 116 mile course with 8 festival stops and 10,000' of vertical gain.


New in 2018: New location, in the heart of Santa Rosa, with 3 full days of fun for the entire family. You better be ready for it!

Grab your kids, friends and loved ones. You don't have to ride to find your place at Levi's GranFondo. Our FondoSonoma festival begins at 10:00 am promptly for all to enjoy. It is a magical day for the whole family, flush with live bands, stacks of food, vendors and a fun zone for the kids. Bring your bikes and park them securely for free in our gated and staffed bike parking area.

As a rider you'll have filled your day with so many experiences it'll take weeks for you to recount them all. Top it all off with the post-ride FondoSonoma and you'll find no equal.


Come back to a smorgasbord of food and beverage options to replenish your mind and soul after your two-wheeled pilgrimage.


Let them loose at the kids fun zone so you can get that much-earned early night when you get back to your hotel or home.


A zoo of fun begins when you get back to the FondoSonoma festival. We serve up multiple forms of entertainment and bands as a focal point to our festival.


Whether you've finished the ride or just come to the festival, we offer free secure bike parking for all visitors. It's quick, easy and you can put your mind at ease while you graze on the FondoSonoma festival.


The impossible is made possible with the level of on-course support we throw at you when you roll out of Santa Rosa. Here are a few of the things we provide:

We Start Together

The experience is epitomized by our mass-start. Our GranFondo is a very special collective celebration of the bike, and the best roads in one of the best places on earth.

Click here to watch a Periscope video of the start.

The Cadre of Marshals

At Levi's GranFondo we envisioned and built a legendary marshal program led by experts in statistical analysis and rider pack behavior. Expertise and service that lends to our capacity to cater to each and every rider throughout the day in a way no other organized event can match. Period.

SRAM NRS and More

Not only do we provide you with dozens of official GranFondo SAG support vehicles and moto marshals, SRAM supports our ride with their Neutral Support Services and continuously go above and beyond the call of duty to see you home.

On-Course Villages

Your experience is made complete by the provision of villages along the way to stop and recover. The longer your ride distance, the more you can visit--up to seven for the longest of routes including a full lunch area on the Gran and il Regno routes. The whole objective is to blow your mind, which we will. Guaranteed.


You can come for the day. But if you can come for longer, you should. Here's why.

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