Routes for All

Since inception, Levi's GranFondo has offered routes for a wide range of fitness and ability levels. From a casual ride on relatively flat ground through our bucolic wine region to a highly competitive 138.5 monument that easily rivals some of the toughest stages in the Tour de France. Each one utterly full of wonder.

Family Fondo

This ride is FREE to sign up!

The Family Fondo is back! Kids, parents and loved ones can join Levi's GranFondo for FREE, and enjoy a protected ride through beautiful rolling roads in Sonoma County's wine region.

There are no aid stations on the Family Foundo route.


The Piccolino route is a petite, introductory 22-mile ride through picturesque wine country. It's a great match for beginner road cyclists. It does not feature a formal aid station, however, you may stop at Veteran's Memorial Beach in Healdsburg to top off water and take a break.

There are no aid stations on the Piccolino route.


The Piccolo route is a relatively easy 40-mile jaunt through picturesque wine country next to vineyards and gently rolling hills. It splits the difference between a beginner ride and the Medio. It's easy, but it's 40 miles of easy.

- 29mi: Rued Winery


The Medio route is the quintessential Sonoma County weekend ride. It features two aid stations evenly spaced for you to top off, amazing, fast-rolling tarmac with a mix of vineyards and two notable climbs.

- 31mi: Cloverdale
- 47mi: Alexander Valley


The Geysers route is a completely new flavor of Sonoma County and brings you up some serious climbs to accumulate over 6,000' of elevation in 81 miles. You will ride through a region that is home to North America's largest producer of clean, reliable renewable geothermal power, and experience sweeping views of Sonoma County's wine region.

- 31mi: Cloverdale
- 52mi: Geysers
- 66mi: Alexander Valley


Our Gran route continues to include road the event was named for: King Ridge. Participants make their way through Cazadero before traveling along one of California's most celebrated roads in cycling. This is a very difficult route, and while it's not quite the epic that the Growler is, you'll be challenged by two very substantial climbs.

- 29mi: Cazadero (water)
- 45mi: King Ridge
- 67mi: Skaggs (water)
- 89mi: Cloverdale
‍- 1mi: Alexander Valley

The Growler 

The Growler is a behemoth with a signature level of difficulty that rivals some of the most difficult professional road race courses in the world. After tackling King Ridge, you then take on a completely new set of roads that travel like the spine of a dragon's backbone high above the surrounding hills of Sonoma County. Your return to the gently rolling valley floor comes at the price of taking on two more long, steep climbs along Stewarts Point Road. It's not nearly over. The Geysers, and another 3,000' of difficult climbing awaits long after you've already amassed nearly ten thousand feet of elevation over the course of the previous 90 miles.

- 29mi: Cazadero (water)
- 45mi: King Ridge
- 67mi: Skaggs (water)
- 89mi: Cloverdale
- 109mi: Geysers
- 123mi: Alexander Valley