Levi’s Gran Fondo has always been about two things

First and foremost, it's about sharing my love of Sonoma County and giving riders from all backgrounds an amazing day on the bike. And two, giving back and leaving a lasting legacy in our community through the King Ridge Foundation, the nonprofit arm that harnesses the generosity of the Gran Fondo community to support organizations that help at-risk youth break the cycle of violence and trauma.

Helping at-risk youth means so much to me personally, because throughout my career there were so many people who supported me, lifted me up, and sacrificed so much of themselves so I could reach my goals and succeed. Being a professional cyclist is intensely self-focused and I couldn't have done it without the support of others. Now I’m incredibly fortunate to help kids who face far more adversity than I ever did. I ask thousands of my Levi’s GranFondo friends to join with me in accomplishing our mission.

I could not be more proud of the impact this community has made or more humbled by what this ride has become. You’ve raised more than $3.2 million to support at-risk youth over the years, and that makes a huge difference in our community. Your amazing generosity supports programs like: 

  • Forget Me Not Farm’s incredibly unique animal- and plant-based therapeutic activities that provide a haven for children, animals, and plants to interact, bond, learn, and heal. (It’s truly a magical place, even though it’s not a “farm” like you’d think. Really, you should visit or volunteer with them; it’s amazing) 
  • TLC Child & Family Services' comprehensive, quality foster care and adoption services, special education services, and transitional housing and counseling.
  • The B-Rad Foundation’s deeply inspiring work that fosters empowerment through environmental stewardship, health, and adventure programs, all in tribute to local climber and cyclist Brad Parker’s legacy. 

Levi’s GranFondo will always be about creating a once in a lifetime (or once a year for some folks!) experience that brings riders together for a transformative day: whether it’s racing for a win, training for several months to push yourself harder than you ever have, or finding the energy to get over those final kickers that feel a lot bigger than they really are at the end of a hard day. 

That’s the connective tissue between the ride and our fundraising to support at-risk youth with King Ridge Foundation. It’s about giving more good days to the kids who need them, days like we’re fortunate to experience on our bikes. It’s about perseverance and working hard towards big goals. About having someone there to dust you off when you fall. Someone to help break the wind when it’s blowing hard. It’s about having a team and a community to accomplish what no one person can do on their own – and I hope you’ll join the team today.