125 mi
10,500 ft

The Gran route is FULL for 2022!

The Gran route features King Ridge, is bigger and "badder" than ever. It's HARD!

When we reimagined Levi's GranFondo, we couldn't imagine it without the retention of the signature road from which it started: King Ridge Road is the signature of the Gran route. But it's quite different after reaching the original King Ridge aid station. Turning north, you then take on a completely new set of roads that travel like the spine of a dragon's backbone, high above the surrounding hills of Sonoma County. Your return to the gently rolling valley floors comes at the price of taking on two more long, steep climbs along Stewards Point Road. The Gran route is 18 miles longer than it used to be and tacks on another 1,500' of elevation compared to the original.

Qualifying Time:

In order to participate in the Gran in the future (2023 and beyond), you must qualify!

The Gran route is timed from the moment we start until we reach the very end of the ride in Windsor, having covered all 125 miles. If it is your objective to participate in either the Gran or Growler in 2023 (because for 2022 they are full), you must qualify this year. We require this because the Gran and Growler routes are very challenging, and we must vet your ability to confront either, even though you're already signed up for it this year. In order to qualify to retain your option to register for the Gran or Growler in 2023, you must reach the festival in under 10 hours. This represents a 12MPH average speed or better, and has you finishing no later than 5:30 pm.

Three (3) full aid stations and two (2) water stops:
The Gran route features three aid stations at miles 45, 55 (self serve water only), 83 (self serve water only), 91 and 108. This means your first full aid station does not come until mile 45 after you've done a significant amount of climbing. Please take this moment to consider your fitness level, and what you'll bring with you to make it to this first aid station on King Ridge. Aid stations will feature water, electrolyte, fresh fruit, snack items and other foods that are safely prepared and/or individually packaged to prevent the spread of COVID-19.