A word about our U24 Program.

Since 2009, we have endeavored to improve our community through our support of at-risk youth programs. But our efforts don’t stop there – we wish to support all youth as indiscriminately as possible, knowing that their entry into expensive activities can be a barrier to progress in our sport. After all, more kids on bikes means our community is healthier, happier, and more committed to protecting our environment.

How to Enroll as a U24 Rider

In order to promote our U24 Ride Free program, we ask that all participants help us spread the word so we can get as many youth riders as possible to join us. After you apply to the program,  post about it on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter and tag us with #u24ridefree, #levisgranfondo, @levisgranfondo, and @bikemonkey. As a special incentive, we'll be randomly selecting one rider who's used these tags to win front-of-the-line staging with Levi Leipheimer and the other stars of the GranFondo. The more you post, the better are your chances to win!

Complete the below form to enroll in our U24 program. We'll email you a registration code to complete your entry. Age verification is required at check-in on the weekend of the event.

*Meal and beverage not included with registration

You must be under the age of 24 on the day of Levi's GranFondo

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Remember to spread the word.

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